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Genesis Business Partnership Network in California

As part of a recent trip to the USA, Genesis Business Partnership’s Managing Director Kevin Afolabi spent some time in California, where he took the opportunity to network with some of the state’s most talented business professionals. 

Managing Director of Genesis Business Partnership, Kevin Afolabi recently took time out of his hectic schedule to travel to the USA, where he spent time with some of the country’s leading sales and marketing experts. Landing in New York City, Mr. Afolabi met with the city’s most notable sales and marketing entrepreneurs and spent time with them in their offices to understand how their businesses operated in one of the most competitive global markets. Before leaving New York, Mr. Afolabi was invited to attend the 2016 Sales Awards Gala – the most celebrated event within the industry. The exclusive Black Tie Awards Gala gave the Managing Director the opportunity to meet with the country’s sales and marketing rising stars, and well as established business owners and consultants.

After a short stay in New York, Mr. Afolabi flew to LA to network with the West Coast’s most prominent industry entrepreneurs. Whilst in LA he was able to meet with both old and new connections and took part in a number of networking meetings and events.

Mr. Afolabi believes networking to be an integral part of business success, and encourages everyone at Genesis Business Partnership to reach out regularly to new people and expand their social circles. The main aim of this is for professionals to be able to tap into new perspectives and opinions, and widen their understanding of every aspect of business.

To help those new to business gain the confidence to network more frequently, Kevin Afolabi of Genesis Business Partnership has shared the ways he believes networking can give someone the professional edge.


The most successful people are the ones with a solid group of friends around them, friends who understand what they are going through professionally and who motivate them to keep going when times get tough. There is no better place to find these likeminded people than at networking events.


Opportunities don’t just land at peoples’ feet, they need to go out and make them happen and attending regular networking events can be the fuel that feeds the opportunity fire. Opportunities, like joint ventures, client leads, partnerships, speaking and writing gigs all stem from meeting the right people and building up the right contacts.

Positive Influence

When a person surrounds themselves with people with the right attitudes, habits and outlooks these attributes rub off and can help them become more focused and driven themselves. Being in an environment full of positivity is a great way to boost performance.


Based in Melbourne Genesis Business Partnership is a leading force in outsourced sales and marketing solutions. The firm believe that in today’s fast paced, highly digital world many customers are crying out for personalised and real customer service. By specialising only in face to face marketing solutions the firm are able to help their clients reconnect with their consumers on a human level, and by interacting with them one on one, can tailor the customer experience to meet individual needs. This drives their clients brand engagement, loyalty and awareness, and raises an impressive ROI.