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Genesis Business Partnership outline the 10 golden rules for goal setting success

With very few people taking practical and necessary steps to achieve their goals, Melbourne-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, Genesis Business Partnership have revealed their 10 golden rules for goal setting success.

Genesis Business Partnership believes that when it comes to goal setting, proper planning needs to take place to establish a plan of action. Acting as a mentor for many entrepreneurs has encouraged them to develop their golden rules for achieving goals.

Genesis Business Partnership has offered their 10 golden rules for successful goal setting:

1. Dare to think big. It has been proven that the subconscious mind makes the majority of conscious decisions. Creating a mission board filled with pictures will assist in visualising specific goals.

2. Get really clear. Understand why something is important. Mentally make a note of the purpose of the goal and the effect achieving it will have.

3. Be specific. Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound).

4. Write every goal down. Goals that are written down are 70% more likely to be achieved. Get them down on paper and put them somewhere that can be seen daily.

5. Divide big goals into small steps. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by taking a large task and breaking it down into small more mentally manageable tasks. Focus on only one task at a time.

6. Take action daily. Reaching a goal is like a journey, no matter how big or small a step is, it is still moving a person a step closer to achieving the end goal. It is advised to do something every day towards reaching a goal.

7. Don’t get stuck on ‘how’. Entrepreneurs need to trust in achieving goals. Visualising success plays a major part in succeeding at a personal goal.

8. Make your goals public. Bring accountability to the table, share goals with friends, family and co-workers to maintain motivation. Find an accountability partner who can check in and gauge progress. 

9. Protect your goals. Maintain a positive mentality towards achieving personal goals. Remove negative influencers to protect goals.

10. Invest in yourself. Whether it be through education, hiring a coach or taking a course, entrepreneurs should make positive actions towards achieving goals.

Genesis Business Partnership run voluntary seminars on a weekly basis. The seminars are designed to assist entrepreneurs in developing new skills required to be successful in business.

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