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Genesis Business Partnership Promote the Benefits of a Curious Mind in Business

Sales and marketing innovators, Genesis Business Partnership, reveals why success in today’s business world is dependent on a curious mind, and how today, businesses should be valuing CQ over IQ.

Curiosity quotient (CQ) is a term created by author and journalist Thomas L. Friedman as part of his research into explaining how individuals can be powerfully motivated to learn about an interesting subject, irrespective of whether they possess a particularly high intelligence quotient (IQ). Whilst a high IQ can help an individual process information better and learn at a faster rate, CQ is essential in developing a thirst for knowledge and is what pushes a person to experience new things and take steps into unknown territory. Curious minds are open to new ideas, and are constantly seeking out progressive thinking. As such, when it comes to success within the business environment sales and marketing firm Genesis Business Partnership believes it to be curious individuals, not straight up geniuses who add the most value to a business.

Genesis Business Partnership believes that this shift in focus from IQ to CQ is a result of today’s work environments becoming more challenging and complex. To keep up with market changes, advancements in communication technologies and the demands of increasingly impatient consumers, businesses need to be adaptable and agile as well as have the ability to approach tasks with a questioning mind in order to create new ways of working. The firm is concerned however that a number of businesses are accidently stifling curiosity by relying on outdated business practices, such as stuffy, uninspiring meetings and a lack of creative opportunity for entry level workers.

Genesis Business Partnership does however believe that businesses can break free of these outdated ways and build a culture that embraces curiosity. The first step is to start asking more questions, and listen to feedback without judgment. In doing this an individual will encourage those around them to be more assertive and curious by communicating that it is ok to ask questions. Driving random learning is also key. Throughout education people are pushed to learn in order to achieve something and as a result people no longer associate learning as a free choice. Encouraging learning without a purpose will help people release their curiosity in a pressure free environment and invest time in learning about the things they are truly passionate about.

Genesis Business Partnership is a leading sales and event marketing firm that specialises in outsourced solutions designed to boost brand awareness and increase weekly sales. Representing some of Australia’s biggest brands in shopping venues and retail shows, the firm meets with customers in person in order to form deeper connections between brand and consumer.

Due to the diversity of the work they do, Genesis Business Partnership believes it to be of great importance to ensure their sales contractors are exercising curiosity on a daily basis. The firm do this by regularly creating opportunities where contractors can take on new responsibilities within the company, take on new challenges and step out of their comfort zones.