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Genesis Business Partnership Return from VIP Trip to the Big Apple

Melbourne-based Genesis Business Partnership recently returned from New York City, where they spent time networking with the city’s best business owners and attended a VIP Black Tie Gala.

Genesis Business Partnership is an Australian company that specialises in increasing market share for their clients’ brands. Through face-to-face marketing solutions, the firm helps their clients to connect with their audience in a more meaningful and unique way. In the modern world customers are finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with brands offline, and are often in a constant battle to speak directly with a brand representative. Genesis Business Partnership is on a mission to change the way consumers interact with brands by taking their clients brands directly to consumers and offering better brand engagement. Through face-to-face interactions, the firm work on behalf of their clients to provide consumers with the opportunity to speak to a brand one-on-one in a neutral, comfortable setting. These interactions allow Genesis Business Partnership to tailor the consumer experience so that it meets individual needs. This level of personalisation drives consumer loyalty and helps their clients gain a prominent hold on their market.

With the needs of consumers changing and an increasing number turning their backs on digital marketing and sales mediums, the demand for face-to-face marketing has grown substantially over the last few years. As such, Genesis Business Partnership have been thriving in the Melbourne market and are in line to accomplish some major growth and development goals in the coming months.

Because of this success, Managing Director of Genesis Business Partnership Kevin Afolabi recently travelled to New York to network and collaborate with the city’s most successful business owners. Whilst in the USA, Mr Afolabi spent some time in the offices of these leading business owners to experience how the industry operates in one of the world’s strongest markets.

As well as learning more about the New York market and sharing ideas with the city’s brightest business owners, Mr Afolabi was also honoured with an invitation to the 2016 Sales Awards Gala, held in the heart of New York City. The VIP Black Tie Event saw sales and marketing professionals from across the globe come together for a lavish dinner and to celebrate the many great achievements that took place within the industry in the last 12 months. As the biggest and most exclusive industry event in the USA, Mr Afolabi was thrilled to be invited and spend an evening in the company of some of the world’s most inspiring sales and marketing entrepreneurs.

Visiting New York was just a small part of Mr Afolabi’s planned American networking trip, which saw him travel to the West Coast to spend time with respected business associates. Since returning to Australia, he has been sharing a number of exciting new ideas and strategies with Genesis Business Partnership’s contractors and is planning to implement these over the next few weeks.