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Genesis Business Partnership Thrilled As Entrepreneurship Festival Hits Melbourne

With the Small Business Festival Victoria set to hit Melbourne in a few days, supporters of entrepreneurship Genesis Business Partnership have delved into the event’s itinerary and shared why budding entrepreneurs can’t afford to miss events such as this if they are shooting for success.

The Victoria State Government’s Small Business Festival is back again this year, offering over 400 events to the region’s small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, with many being completely free to attend.

Outsourced sales and marketing firm Genesis Business Partnership is one of Victoria’s 541,000 small businesses and were thrilled by the decision to once again bring the Small Business Festival back to Melbourne. The firm is adamant that small businesses are catalysts for positive economic change, not only by creating a more diverse and accessible jobs market, but by also injecting money back into the local area and encouraging people to embrace a greater sense of community.

Within the sales and marketing community there is already a lot of support and guidance on offer to help aspiring entrepreneurs branch out on their own. Genesis Business Partnership for example, offers all their contractors a unique business opportunity, where they can attend skills workshops and national networking events in order to boost their entrepreneurial abilities. The firm also offers one-on-one mentoring from highly experienced leaders and industry advisors. However, whilst this may be the norm for those keen to pursue success, in outsourced sales and marketing Genesis Business Partnership are aware that not all entrepreneurs are so lucky and that shooting for success can often be confusing and isolating. As such the firm are hugely excited for the upcoming small business festival and are urging anyone with an interest in business to attend as many of the events as possible. After reviewing the line up on offer, the firm have shared some of their top picks from the festival below.

Women leading businesses to success

Business has for far too long been considered a man’s game, however this panel discussion with female business leaders will change this outdated view once and for all. Michelle Bourke, Founder and CEO at Artlivemedia; Charlotte Petris, Founder and CEO of Timelio and Sarah Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Bellabox will share their experiences and highlight the most successful ways of boosting and utilising diversity within a small businesses.

How I got started

Presented by HerBusiness, this free webinar will feature inspiring stories of startup challenges and successes and outline how overcoming a challenge can make a person a stronger, more capable business owner. By learning from the experiences of others, participants will be able to streamline their success and take positive steps towards growth.

Startup Victoria pitch night

Even for professionals that don’t yet have an idea to pitch, attending this event is sure to get the creative juices flowing and inspire action. Participants from across Victoria will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas with a judging panel and the audience providing feedback, questions and judging each start-up.

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